How to earn points?
Every RM1 in the invoice amount is equivalent to 1 point. Only series V5, 50s, and I7 switches are entitled to points collection.

How to redeem gifts?
Go to ITEM, select the gifts, and check out.

What is the expiry date of the points earned?
All points earned is only valid for the calendar year. Points will expire 31st January every calendar year. For example,

- Points earned in June 2014 will expire at 31st January 2015.
- Points earned in Nov 2014 will expire at 31st January 2015

Can I exchange for other gifts?
We do not offer any exchange of gifts once the gift is selected and status of the transaction is approved.

What is the warranty of the gifts?
All warranty is given by the respective manufacturers/retailers. We are not responsible for any defects/malfunction of gifts. Please contact the manufacturer for warranty service.

What is the gifts I redeem is not available?
We will cancel the transaction and credit the points back to your account.

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