Laser Marking

Switch Laser Marking Service

Have problem figuring out which switch turns on which light? We Hear You! As part of SIMON’s continuous effort in providing the best solution to our customers, we now provide a personalized Laser Marking Service to help you name your switch for a small fee. Simply download the Laser Marking Form below, fill in the intended name by typing into the wording boxes, and email the form back to us. Our team will be in contact with you to complete the order.


What is Laser Marking?

Laser marking is the practice of using Lasers to ‘mark’ or ‘engrave’ an object. The technique does not involve the use of inks, giving an advantage over alternative marking technologies where marking will wear out over time.


How to Order?

Step 1 : Download the Laser Marking Form and type in the information (Download Form)
Step 2 : Email your form to
Step 3 : We will calculate the total amount and inform you on payment method.
Step 4 : Please send (at your own cost) the switch ROCKERS (only buttons that you press, not the entire switch) that needs to be marked to the following address:


Laser Marking Service
NO.7G, Jalan OP 1/1,
Pusat Perdagangan One Puchong,
47160, Puchong, Selangor.
Tel :03 – 8075 2028


Step 5 : We will work on your requirement and courier the rockers back to you upon completion (please allow a 14 working day to process your order,
from the day we receive your rockers).



The charge is RM7.50 for on each word. For e.g. “Kitchen” is 1 word. Free delivery will be offered to orders above RM100. Orders below RM100 will incur a RM10.00 courier charge.


Fonts, Size and Position

At the moment, we only provide one standard font, size, color and position in upper case for first letter, and lower case for the rest. We can only do the printing in SINGLE LINE. Please see the example in the FORM. Download the form today! (Download Form)